About Macquarie Valley Controls

Macquarie Valley Controls is a technical distributor of ABB products, servicing water and waste water utilities throughout inland NSW. From product selection to installation, commissioning and maintenance, we provide a complete service to support our customers’ needs for reliable and efficient environmental systems.

We are a corporate member of the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia and a proud sponsor of the Bathurst Bushrangers Australian Rules Football Club.

Located in Bathurst we are ideally positioned to help our customers across inland NSW. With an engineering background, we offer our clients real value in the form of product knowledge and advice, competitive pricing, ongoing maintenance and local support.

We are an ABB Authorised Value Provider

As members of the ABB Value Provider Program we deliver an authorised offering of sales, support, service and engineering in seamless cooperation with ABB. We bring ABB products and services straight to your front door.

ABB authorised value providers have in-depth knowledge of local markets and are conversant with the defined ABB products and processes. The ABB authorised value providers are distributors, technical distributors, system integrators, panel builders or service providers. Each of them brings its own set of skills and services and collectively they can tackle all your diverse product and service needs and a lot more.

As an ABB authorised value provider we are fully conversant with ABB products and processes, and have thorough application knowledge as well. We can help with all kinds of product related issues and offer support wherever and whenever it is needed.

At MVControls we understand that to be sustainable, water treatment and pumping operations across inland NSW need measurement and control solutions that improve reliability and efficiency, can be maintained locally, and be implemented easily at reasonable cost. This is what we offer.
Trevor Brown, MV Controls
Macquarie Valley Instrumentation and Control, and by extension Trevor Brown, has been a valuable member of the ABB Authorised Value Provider Program for several years. Trevor is not only able to support his ever-growing customer base with detailed information on individual products, but also in-depth technical know-how during the design, implementation and maintenance stages. The service provided by Trevor to his customers is of the highest standard.
Vladimir Tribic, ABB Australia Pty Limited
I have been working with Trevor for more than five years and will continue to do so into the future because of the service Macquarie Valley Controls provides. In a time where we want compatibility of components, Trevor has the real world field experience to help us make the correct choices, the first time. Many companies sell one or two product lines and have poor Product knowledge, Trevor sells and can get many products and knows their application.
Maintenance Operator, Western NSW LGA

Our Products and Services

Our products are designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the complete water cycle. They include: water analysis and monitoring, flow measurement, level measurement, pressure measurement, process controllers and recorders, variable speed drives, soft starters and contactors, Xylem pumps, controllers and telemetry. We have just released the first issue (November 2014) of our product catalogue which features the most popular products that we supply our inland customers.
Click here to download our Catalogue. Click here to view it online.

Featured Product: WaterMaster

One solution for all your needs
Designed for use in all water and waste water applications, from sewage plants to distribution networks

State-of-the-art technology

  • revolutionary data storage enables transmitter interchange and commissioning without the need for re-configuration
  • self-calibrating transmitter with ultra-low temperature coefficient for highest accuracy
  • ‘Through-the-Glass’ (TTG) configuration eliminating the need to remove the cover
  • smart key based functionality
  • ‘Easy Setup’ function
  • fault-finding Help texts on the display
  • minimized downtime with replaceable electronics cartridges
  • Type-approved to accuracy Class 1 and Class 2 for any pipe orientation and bidirectional flows
  • Type P-approved continuous self-checking of the sensor and transmitter to ensure the highest accuracy and long term performance



We Service Regional & Country NSW

We deliver the type of support that country customers deserve and that city companies find difficult to provide.
That support extends from stocking motor controls and soft starters to 110kW MultiSmart controllers and flowmeter displays, to helping customers with on-site commissioning and fault finding. MV Controls understands that pumps must operate when needed and municipal sewage doesn’t stop flowing on a Friday afternoon.

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